All of us know that there is no business without credits and that credits is at the core of any retail business. Today most retail shops/businesses use mini note books to maintain their creditors especially retailers for example kirana, hardware, medical shops, Pandas etc.

This app helps streamline this credit process and provide a useful and easy to use tool to do exactly the same (manage credit accounts but leveraging latest technology to simplify this work paired with advanced features like SMS, Backup, Restore, Web login etc.)


  • Easy to use mobile app,to manage credits and collections.
  • Managing transactions is more secure and reliable now.
  • Know your accounts receivable instantly at the tip of your finger.
  • Automated reminders to your customers for payments via SMS.
  • You may lose your mobile but not your transactions, all data backed up and available on demand.
  • No More papers,save tons of trees.